Andrea Bocelli’s daughter sings an epic version of ‘Over the Rainbow’

Singing superstar Andrea Bocelli loves to encourage his son Matteo and daughter Virginia to develop their musical giftings. Andrea stands next to Virginia and introduces her as his daughter in front of the large music hall. There are people in every seat, and the stage is filled with musicians to accompany the singers.

Andrea Bocelli's daughter Virginia

Andrea says, “Now I’m very happy that Virginia sings for you a song off a new project that we did together with Virginia and with Matteo. It’s an album for Christmas songs, and Virginia will try to sing a beautiful song.” When Andrea says, “Try,” Virginia gives him a dirty look and then smiles, and the audience laughs.

Andrea says, “Virginia, you speak English much better than me, so…” Virginia says, “I know, it’s ok,” and Andrea replies, “Behave.” It is funny banter between father and daughter.

Andrea Bocelli

Virginia takes the microphone as Andrea walks off stage, and the audience applauds her. The piano starts to play, and Virginia sings very softly and lightly. She wears a white dress with a collar and flowers all over it.

Soon enough, the violins and cellos come in and accompany her as she sings stronger. She gets more confident as the song progresses toward the big ending. Her voice is full and rich with tone even though she is still very young.

Andrea Bocelli's daughter Virginia

Virginia sings the timeless classic ‘Over the Rainbow’ from the 1939 film ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ The original was sung by actress Judy Garland in her starring role as ‘Dorothy.’

She stands very still in the single spotlight while the rest of the music hall is pitch black, and she sways while she sings. In the end, she holds out a finishing note, and the crowd erupts in applause for her. Andrea goes from an international singing superstar to a proud father right before our eyes.

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Andrea Bocelli’s daughter sings an epic version of \'Over the Rainbow\'