Angelina Jordan Brings Class To ‘AGT Champions’ With Her Elton John Cover

When Angelina Jordan won ‘Norway’s Got Talent’ at the age of 8, everyone knew to expect great things from her. Now she’s 13 and covering Elton John’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” on ‘AGT Champions’ as if she wrote it herself. Her raspy, sultry voice combined with her sweet presentation wowed judges and audience alike.

Angelina Jordan is young, but even at only 13, she’s accomplished a lot. At 8 she won ‘Norway’s Got Talent,’ in 2015 she published a book, and two years later she put out her first album. So when she recently took to the ‘AGT Champions’ stage with an Elton John cover of “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” everyone sat up and took notice.

Angelina sang the song with a raspy, sultry voice that contrasts beautifully with her youthful innocence. Listening to the lyrics of the song as interpreted through her lens, we see she seems to be saying goodbye to her childhood, looking forward to the future where the path is not so clear. It’s a beautiful rendition of a touching song.