Angry Cockatoo Throws Priceless Expletive-Filled Tantrum when It’s Time to Go to Bed

Pebble doesn’t take any orders from anyone and could not be more clear about it. Cockatoos are a lot like parrots, although with much less colorful plumage than parrots typically have. Anyone who has met a Cockatoo will tell you that what they lack in color, they make up for with their spunky personalities.

Cockatoos are highly intelligent birds, capable of solving surprisingly complex puzzles. Also, like many types of parrot, cockatoos have the amazing ability to mimic human speech. As you’ll soon see, a cockatoo can pick up quite a vocabulary over the years.


Pebble is a salmon-crested cockatoo. She’s lived in 10 different homes in the last 20 years, which is far from ideal for a bird that craves long-term relationships. Luckily Pebble has finally found her forever home, but she’s still learning to adjust.

In any case, Pebble managed to find a way out of her cage and didn’t want to go back in. As we said, these birds are smart. Indeed, she gives her human parent an earful, and she did not mince her words, to put it mildly. Let’s say you might want to put your earphones on for this one. It’s going to be hard to keep a straight face, mind you.

We don’t know how Pebble picked up all this language and, frankly, we aren’t sure we want to know. We’re happy that Pebble finally has a loving home now and a very loving daddy.

Angry Cockatoo Throws Priceless Expletive-Filled Tantrum when It\'s Time to Go to Bed