The sound of a Lion is very intimidating, but what about this Cheetah’s roar?

It’s really amazing when you take something for granted and then surprises you in the most wonderful way. From a very young age, the human being is trained with several basic principles and knowledge that helps him to understand the world in which he is currently living in. It seems that it was only yesterday when our first-grade teacher explained to us how each letter sounded to form the first words in a sentence.

When we started to use the spoken language we learned as well that each animal emits a characteristic sound to communicate with another member of the same species and to the rest of the world, cats, for example, produce a noise usually represented by the word “mew”, dogs make something similar to “woof”, and every time we heard that is very easy to recognize what it is even without looking at them.

Some other sounds may distinguish a whole gender of animals and not just one species. Big felines, for example, they tend to roar in a similar way but despite they are all related the sound differs from one species to another…

What would be your answer if we ask you what kind of sound does a cheetah emits? Do you think that’s the only type of noise they can produce? Well, think again, because you are going to be truly amazed by one of the sounds they frequently use.

Cheetahs are one of the largest cats that live in the north, south and eastern region of Africa. They are well known for being the fastest land animals on the planet reaching the incredibly velocity of 112 Km/h, their unique bodies are perfectly designed for this kind of activity, features like their flexible spine, light bodies and strong legs allows the Cheetah to develop their top velocity in just 500 m, moreover the versatile tail helps them to change their direction in a matter of seconds. Their physical appearance almost resembles a professional runner; they are yellow and white with black spots all over their bodies.

A fearsome creature like this can only evoke in your mind threatening sounds like a Lion or a Tiger but despite what you might believe in your mind, this beautiful cat can produce a wide range of noises but one, in particular, is going to leave you speechless…

It turns out that cheetahs are able to produce a very sharp tone almost like the chirping sound of a little chicken. The experts say that cheetahs make these types of sounds when a mother wants to communicate specifically with their cubs. You wont believe it until you hear it.

If you want to hear the amazing sounds that Cheetahs do when they want to communicate with their children just click play on the video below and prepare to be astonished. Don’t forget to leave your comments and share it with your friends.

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