Young Girl Sings 80-Year-Old Song So Perfectly, the Judges Whip Around Instantly

The Voice KidsWhen this little girl walked on stage, no one was prepared for what they were about to witness.

Some say it’s the most magical blind audition ever to be recorded on ‘The Voice Kids’. Very seldom do all the judges turn their chairs so quickly.

Anna Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Her name is Anna and you’ll know you’re watching the birth of a star in the making when you hear her pitch-perfect rendition of this 80-year-old classic. Close your eyes and you’ll think you’re hearing the voice of an angel.

“Over the Rainbow” was written in 1939. Most everyone knows all the words. Almost nobody can sing them well. Since Judy Garland, only a handful of singers have managed to really impress the entire world with their version.

On The Voice Kids, young Anna took on the reknowned song, and risked her audition hoping the judges would like her version. And they did! Everyone did!

Anna puts her heart and soul into her singing, making her look like a superstar already. It is so rare to see such talent in someone so young! Go, Anna!

Watch Anna belt out her version of “Over the Rainbow” on The Voice Kids in this incredible video.

If this performance touched your heart, share Anna’s video with your friends because this little star deserves to shine brightly.