“Armored” All-Girl Drill Team Takes Floor for Flawless Sci-Fi Themed Routine

Even in places where high school sports are a really big deal — a part of the local culture and identity — people still don’t have the wherewithal to put on on Super-Bowl-level halftime spectaculars. One thing schools can do is send out a drill team to treat the spectators to a display of well-choreographed and often very impressive dance moves.

However, drill teams are not to be confused with cheerleading squads. These dancers don’t cheer from the sidelines, and they tend to eschew stunts, human pyramids, and excessive jumping and leaping. A drill team puts on a carefully practiced dance routine, precisely timed to the music. Drill teams actually aren’t just for halftime shows, either. In fact, the drill is a competitive sport in its own right, complete with state championships.

The Copper Hills High School in West Jordan, Utah, has particularly strong girls drill team tradition. The Azurettes definitely take their sport seriously and put a lot of work into making sure everything is perfect, the formations precisely lined up, and the choreography followed to the beat.

As you’ll see in the video posted below, they put on an amazing show, in this case, going through a series of intricate moves and do it all blazing fast in keeping with the heavy techno music. Some of the moves are deliberately sharp and robotic, while others flow smoothly.

Of course, they can’t help but take a break from all that techno to do a traditional Rockettes-style line-up with high leg kicking. Overall, the team creates stunning visual effects by combining small motion at the individual level with overall group movement. The shiny silver outfits help with that, too.