He Asks His 15 Month Old Daughter To Get Off The Table. What She Does? This Is Hysterical!

The tiny toddler in this video is called Lola and she is just 15 months old. But it is quite amusing to see that she is so lively and high-spirited that she doesn’t even get scared of her daddy! This clip shows a priceless moment where little Lola puts her dad in his place!

When her father asks her to get down from the table, Lola retorts in the most adorable way possible! And that leads to a playful and light-hearted argument between father and daughter. Either she has no interest in getting down or she just loves arguing with her dad. I suspect it is the latter, but dad takes it all in stride and seems to enjoy himself.

It is kind of hard to understand what Lola wants to actually say. Her father has pointed out that this is a play fight between to people who don’t speak the same language and it is hilariously true! But I think he does a great job of responding to her. However, I think only Lola knows what Lola is truly trying to say!

Daddy isn’t really mad at Lola and she can’t even get down off the table by herself. She’s too small. So in the end, Daddy scoops her up into his arms and she seems quite happy to go with him.

Watch this cute standoff between dad and daughter below! Didn’t you think Lola gave her daddy a piece of her mind? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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