Australian horse jets to Holland and sees snow for the first time

Australian horse sees snow for the first time

‘This is the first time my horse has ever seen snow.’ Matt announces proudly to the camera as he pats his horse. The excitement is evident in his voice, and it is almost contagious.

This Australian horse, Chase, has just been brought to Holland. It is the first snow of winter, and Matt is excited to show Chase. But going out to see the snow at midnight does not excite Chase very much.

But Matt is emotional. ‘It feels like a movie,’ He says. He is in awe of the moment. Many cities in Australia are almost always snow-free. But at that moment, for the first time, Chase gets to be in the snow.

Australian horse sees snow for the first time

The following day, Jesse goes out to check on the paddocks. But first, he goes down to the stables to meet the horses. He walks up to each of them, patting their heads and getting them excited for their walk in the snow.

Jesse begins to lead each horse to the paddocks. Of all the horses, Chase is the most excited. The moment he is off the lead rope, he bolts off to explore the snow.

As Jesse takes some pictures of the moment with his digital camera, Chase trots in the distance. He is trying to comprehend what this massive white sheet covering the ground is.

He rolls in the snow for a bit. After some time, he scrapes some of the snow off the ground to get to the grass. And we can only wonder what his thoughts are about this new experience.

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