Autistic and blind boy sings to an audience, his voice stops everyone dead in their tracks

This is Christopher’s story. A baby came into this world in May 2001. Born to a drug dependent mother whose life was spiraling out of control. Her drug of choice was mostly cocaine. After Christopher was born, his mother was not capable of taking care of him, so unfortunately his was placed into the foster care program in Florida. Christopher was a little different from most children. He was blind from birth and autistic, a challenge for any person.

His uncle found out about Christopher’s plight and decided to do something about it. With the help from family members and his church, Christopher’s family travelled to Florida in the August of 2002 and took him out of the foster care environment that he found himself a part of. There was no way that his family were going to allow this special young man to be absorbed into a system that he did not need to be a part of.

Christopher was born with many problems, but he was also born with a natural talent. He had a beautiful voice which was discovered completely by accident. In 2004 Christopher went on his first mission trip for the church, “8 Days of Hope” where he was handed a microphone. This special little 4-year-old then proceeded to sing the song that you will see in the clip below. His uncle says that Christopher loves to share his gifts with anyone who wants to listen, and that will be you after you hear his amazing soprano tones.

As Christopher’s uncle explains, “Christopher has been a blessing to us” and you can see why. We don’t know why some people are the way they are, maybe god has a special place in heaven for people like Christopher, the innocents that the world can sometimes forget about. The video below shows just how special a child can be. His family have such love for this amazing little boy, and see him as no different from any other child of his age.

In this clip Christopher performs the contemporary Christian song “Open the Eyes of My Heart”, a song written by Paul Baloche. This song is based on the book of Ephesians, and is about the apostle Paul who was writing a letter to the Ephesians. There have been many covers of this song by artists including Michael W Smith, from his album “Worship” and probably the most popular version by Randy Travis. It is a simple song in its construction, but its heartfelt performances are what makes this piece so special.

Click on the link below and enjoy what young Christopher can share with the world, a world that sometimes hides the truth from us. When you watch this clip you will see just how a special little boy like Christopher can make such a huge difference in our lives. The gift of life is something that we should never take for granted.