Baby Colt Suffers Brutal Mountain Lion Attack As Soon As He’s Born

For those who live near the wilderness encountering a wild animal is a very real possibility. Some of them, have cows, sheep, chickens, or horses that might be targeted for an animal attack. Some of these owners have devised diverse ways for them and their animals to be kept safe.

For some of them, one of the ways is to set up an electrical fence. Electrical fences have been used for many years but their use is controversial. Some of them believe that using them is inhumane for these animals because they can be seriously injured by it.

For others, it’s just a matter of being on the lookout. This is one of the main concerns of breeders. For horse breeders, because of the amount of time, effort, and money they have invested it makes a critical concern. There are many areas in California where people can encounter several wild animals such as mountain lions. Mountain lions roam free in these areas and they hunt whatever they can find. Horse breeders in that area have several safety measures to prevent an attack to their animals.

For one of these breeders, it would be an experience you will never forget. One day, while she was at home Diane Truxillo heard some noise is coming from the barn. She instantly knew something was wrong and she urged her husband to go with her and investigate. Without losing any time, they both went running to the barn to see what was going on. Suddenly, they see their dogs chasing a dark shadow in the distance.

The animal escaped into the woods. Diane panicked immediately when she realized what the animal was: it was a mountain lion. She gets to the barn to check on her pregnant mare Phlicka. When they got there the first thing they noticed is that Phlicka wasn’t alone. She had just given birth and they feared the worst. Colts usually stand up almost as soon as they are born but this one was not moving at all.

She checked the colt named Charlie. The colt has sustained severe injuries on the neck. Charlie has lost a lot of blood and they need something to stop the hemorrhage. The veterinarian treats Charlie’s injuries and Diane comes up with a solution for Charlie’s neck. Since then, Charlie has looked like a masked superhero! The bond between them has strengthened and for Diane Charlie is another of her lovely boys.