Baby crawls towards husky to say hi, dog’s playful response is warming everyone’s heart

Over the years we have seen many clips on YouTube that features the interaction between man and man’s best friend. So many videos of dogs doing incredible things, of our canine-companions showing us that they can be super intelligent. The clips showing dogs performing to an audience, or just playing with their people with tails always wagging. We know that the bond between man and dog can be a beautiful thing, and that there are times where man and beast are inseparable.

I have always had a dog in my life. When I was a toddler my family had a dog called Topsie, she was a wonderful companion to me and my siblings and was always there for us. She was nothing special breed wise, she was what we called a bitser, you know, a bit of this and a bit of that, but she was one of the most loyal dogs I have ever known. She was around for all of my formative years, and died at the ripe-old-age of 17. An amazing life for an amazing dog.

Then when I got married and had children of my own we always had a dog. It is vitally important to teach your children how to love and respect an animal. Dogs are so easy to have around the house and make incredible companions for your children. One dog that we had was a Bull-terrier named Digger. Now our oldest son came home from school one day with this stocky little bully trailing behind him. “It followed me to school dad”, he said, “and waited for me all day, I couldn’t just leave him there, could I”. as you may have already guessed, Digger was to become the newest member of our family. He was a beautiful little dog and was as faithful a pet as you could ever want.

It seems that where ever my wife and I went we attracted dogs and cats to our homes. Every animal we have ever owned has been a stray that seemed to somehow find our house. Today we have two dogs, one is definitely ours, and the other is a little street dog that thinks he lives with us. He actually has several homes that he frequents, and makes himself comfortable wherever he is. We also have three cats that came to us as kittens, abandoned by their mothers not long after birth. We have had to hand feed all three of them to ensure their survival.

The clip below is another of those videos that will make your day just a little better. It features a baby and a Husky dog. Now some may say that you should never leave a baby alone with any animal let alone a huge dog like a husky, and they are right, but as you can see in this clip, the little taker was in good hands as his dad watches the entire proceedings. Click on the link and start your day off with a heartwarming experience.