When This Baby Deer Gets Close to the Great Dane, I Never Would Have Imagined This Reaction

Friendships among animals of different species are not that common and I have to say, a great source of entertainment when their interactions are recorded. There is something so heartwarming about these very different animal friends and their special bond. This bond is between a Great Dane and a deer, a most unlikely duo, but one that seems to work. How adorable is that?

You know the old cliché “Friendship has no limits.” This bond between a Great Dane and a deer is definitely proof of that. Perhaps that is why the Great Dane’s owner decided she should record this and share it, otherwise people might not believe it. This friendship is truly unique. Kate, the Great Dane and Pippin, the baby fawn, clearly adore each other. Pippin was rejected by her mother and Kate’s maternal instinct told her to adopt the fawn and now they are best friends. Kate must have a soft spot for animals that are at a disadvantage in life.

Isobel Springett is Kate’s owner and says that she thinks this unique relationship is truly special and that they both help each other. While they make look like an odd pair, it is a truly beautiful relationship. Your heart will melt when you see them together playing and chasing each other and then cuddling side by side. What an amazing sight to see!

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