This Baby Elephant Calf Just Discovered His Trunk, What Happens Next Will Make You Smile!

When we’re born, we’re curious about everything around us. Well, maybe give a few years to really get our curious minds at work, but when that happens, our inquisitiveness and curiosity can drive a few loved ones wild. When this baby elephant noticed his trunk, he was puzzled on what it was.

We know elephants have trunks and we’ve seen them in documentaries or even safaris walking in the wild with their herd, swinging their trunks as they pass by. But this little calf seems to be so curious about that long thing stuck to his face. His reactions are hilarious!

It’s like he hasn’t yet come to grips about that long trunk he has and I was laughing SO much when I saw him swinging his trunk in the air all the while looking extremely confused.

In contrast, he is surrounded by the adult elephants that just go about their way, all while this cutie figures out what to do with his trunk. He even tries to step on it! I love how curious he is. I mean, we all know he has a trunk, but does he?

I wonder what is going on in his little head of his. You have to WATCH the video to really check out this adorable calf, I guarantee you’ll have a smile at the end of the video!

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