Baby Elephant Gives A Woman All His Love. But Wait Until You See Her Face!

They are one of the most amazing and majestic animal species that we’ve ever met on this Earth. It’s true that elephants are amongst some of the most intriguing animals, and it’s largely because of their impressive intellectual capabilities and because of the very deep and complex emotions that they can get to feel for each other and for others, just like human would.

Elephants like to express themselves by using their trunks, which is the most nimble part of their bodies, and it’s the one their most aware of, just the same way we have our hands and our faces. In the video that we will show you below, you will be able to see a baby elephant expressing his love through his trunk in the most adorable way possible. Your heart will melt instantly when you see him!

This sweet elephant calf approaches a woman, and to express his love for her, he starts touching her face with his trunk. It seems as if he’s looking for the woman’s trunk as to wrap his own trunk around it, just like elephants do among themselves to show affection, the only problem is that the woman doesn’t have one like that at all!

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