Baby Falling Off A Cart. Goes Crashing To Floor! My Heart Was In My Mouth! OMG!

New parents can have a tough time dealing with their babies. Irregular sleeping hours, crying and much more can wreck havoc on your peace of mind. And this is all at home. Now imagine all this in a scenario outside and you’ve got a lot to handle. Unfortunately, shopping needs to get done and groceries need to be bought. That means you need to be a super parent and take care of the shopping as well as your infant.

After watching this video, it’s clear that when you’re a parent, you really can’t take your eyes off your child for even a moment, because it only takes a moment for things to go drastically wrong. This is what the parents found out when they were shopping in Home Depot.

Parents don’t have an easy time shopping with children. Either they’ll get stares from passersby because of their children’s crying or there will be so many things on their ‘To-Buy’ list that handling both the cart and their children can be a juggling affair. At some point of time during their shopping session, they will probably rush out of the store in a hurry to avoid stares or potential tantrums. It’s not great but there are not really many options available.

However, if, as a parent, you do decide to go and finish all your shopping, it is very important that you always keep a close eye on your child. This is one lesson these parents in the video learnt the hard way. Even though they were nearby, their baby’s carrier started to tip over the shopping cart and without them being aware of it.

Fortunately, a store employee was nearby and his lightning quick reflexes saved the baby and the day! Chris Strickland was walking by but his back was towards the shopping cart. Perhaps some sixth sense made him turn, and we’re thankful he did because he rushed to the cart to prevent the baby from getting injured or worse, being the hero for the day.

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