Baby Feared To Be Dead After 3 Day Labor. You’ll Never Guess What Happens Next!

Giving birth is no easy task and the ordeal of a three day labor session can be very painful and stressful for the mother. When it came to giving birth, this huge mama panda was having trouble. Her time had come to give birth but after three days, there was still no sign of the baby and the staff at the sanctuary who were keeping a close eye on her feared that the baby had died in the womb.

Even though the panda was in captivity, the expectant mothers are given their own space and intervention is only called in the direst of circumstances. This is because animals have no first aid or help when they are in the wild and must rely on their own survival instincts to defend themselves and their offspring should the need arise. To continue with the natural course of events, vets only intervene when it is a matter of life and death.

However, being in labor for three day was not normal behavior and suggested bad news for the mother to be. Staff thought that the baby died in the womb, which would be the reason why the mother couldn’t give birth. Even though they feared the worst, they hoped for the best. Surprisingly, on the third day, the mother rolled on her back after acing up and down for days and put her legs in the air.

What did the surprised people at the sanctuary see? A tiny pink head pop out! The whole birth was caught on camera and the keepers were absolutely amazed! The hairless pink creature started squealing loudly and as the baby took her first breaths, celebration broke out amongst the keepers who were relieved at her birth.

Fortunately for the mother as well, who was out of labor pain which surely would’ve been plaguing her for three days at least. I am so amazed at the video. As it is the miracle of birth is an astounding event, but for an animal such as a panda to be in a three day labor and give birth to a healthy daughter panda is nothing short of miraculous.

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