Is the baby getting fussy? Maybe you need a Siamese cat…

Strong though the parent-child bond is and attuned to a baby’s ways through a parent might be, it can still be impossible to figure out what a baby is trying to communicate. If a baby is being fussy for no obvious reason, the best a parent can hope to do is calm the little one down even if they have no idea what got them going in the first place. Could a cat be of any help with this?

If any cat could soothe a fussy baby, it would be a Siamese. For one thing, these cats are renowned for their intelligence. They’re also friendly and extroverted, crave attention, and remain playful even into adulthood. They get lonely easily, so it’s not unusual for people to acquire two Siamese at the same time in the hope that they’ll keep each other company. The breed is immediately recognizable thanks to its triangular head, almond-shaped eyes (invariably blue), slender frame, and whitish coat with black or dark gray on the face and ears. The other way to recognize a Siamese is by its distinctive voice which almost sounds like a human baby’s cry. They’re very vocal, so if you get a Siamese, you’ll have a good friend — they have a way of bonding strongly with one favorite person — but there will be some noise! The breed goes back quite a way in its native Thailand, but the first known Siamese in the United States arrived in 1878, a gift to President Rutherford Hayes.

As you’ll see in the video posted below, a Siamese can be the purrfect babysitter. In this case, the cat is sitting in a baby’s crib keeping an eye on her little human friend. The baby is getting a bit fussy; a major tantrum could be in the offing. This amazing cat knows just what to do: paws placed gently on the baby’s knee have an instantaneously soothing effect!

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