This Baby Goat Is Sure To Make You Laugh In Six Seconds Or Less

In this next clip, you’ll meet Buckminster, a baby goat who just might be the cutest goat in the world. This baby goat is so happy to be in the world that he skips everywhere he goes. This video of Buck was posted last year, but it is still and internet favorite. It shows adorable Buck as a baby, walking down a hallway when he gets a sudden burst of happiness and energy and makes a leap that is certain to give you a sudden burst of happiness.

You can watch him as he skips along, jumping and leaping with joy in the middle of the hall, and you’ll immediately be filled with joy no matter what mood you’re in. Long, hard day at work? In a bad mood?  Watch this spunky little guy and you’ll feel better. He might inspire you to go skipping down the hallway to improve your mood. He looks almost like he’s dancing and his walk has a kind of cartoonish effect that could make you want to go out and get a pet goat.

Buckminster is just one of many animals that won over our hearts on the internet with their unique perspective on life shown through their behavior. Dogs and cats get a lot of air time online and we still love watching them, but all animals have a way to showing joy and sharing it with us. Sometimes the cutest moments come when you least expect  them, and sometimes they come from very unlikely creatures.

You can watch Buckminster in all his glory in the video right below.

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