When This Baby Goat Tries To Befriend These Puppies With A Few Head-butts Things Turn Wild!

When they tossed this young goat into a house chock full of adorable little puppies, they didn’t expect he’d react like this! The way these species interact with each other is enough to send your Cute-O-Meter into overload.

As soon as the little goat got inside the house it started head butting. As for goats, head butting is a friendly way to greet other goats. But the little puppies didn’t take the head butting greeting so well. All of the puppies looked at him as someone very different. They huddled together, most of them at least, and one even hid under a piece of furniture. Although, these pups are not too steady on their feet yet, so maybe he wandered under the furniture by accident.

The little goat really wanted to play with his new friends; however, no one seemed to care. No puppies were interested in introducing themselves but they were analyzing how different the goat was from them. Might be they needed some time to accept this newcomer who is so different from them. Even Buttermilk didn’t seem interested in playing with him, and he’s a very outgoing pup.

Until then, the little goat can have fun jumping around and watching the puppies. It seems watching the goat exhausted them and they are all ready for a nap. Even mama dog on the sofa doesn’t look interested in Pipsqueak.

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