Baby goats are nature’s most adorable acrobats. Here’s a great compilation

Goats can be surprisingly cute but there is one animal that can outdo them in that department: baby goats! Instead of normal goat curiosity, these little guys have what can only be called a sense of adventure and it leads them to all kinds of uproarious antics. But first a few words about goats in general.

Goats were one of the first animals domesticated by people, approximately 10 thousand years ago. They were a reliable source of meat, hides, mohair, and milk. If anyone needed some land cleared of weeds or other undesirable brush? Call in the goats! Given their role in the history of human agriculture, it’s little wonder goats have had a prominent place in mythology.

Contrary to what you see in cartoons, goats don’t really eat tin cans. However, they are intensely curious about unfamiliar objects, always wondering if they might be tasty. If something looks like it might be made of plant material, a goat is sure to give it a try: cardboard, cloth, and paper (yes, including tin can labels). Unlike horses or cattle, goats like to “browse” rather than graze, eating the tips of shrubs and tree branches. They also enjoy munching on vines, weeds, and the occasional broad-leaf plant. If you think hoofed animals aren’t agile, goats have a surprise for you. They have a near-perfect sense of balance and love climbing. In fact, if your goat has gone missing, you might want to check any nearby trees!

To return to baby goats, the video posted below is a wonderful compilation of their antics. You’ll see them jumping around like maniacs, playing, frolicking, perching on horses, and letting out adorable little bleats. If you haven’t seen a couple dozen baby goats merrily running in a big group, you haven’t seen cute yet.

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