Baby is visually impaired, here’s the tearful moment mom gives him glasses for the first time

There was a distinct moment I realised something was wrong with my eyes. I was sitting in a school assembly for the umpteenth time and we were singing the morning hymn. It suddenly dawned on me that I couldn’t read the words on the large projector set up for all the kids to follow, and I asked to be moved closer. Over the course of the next few days and weeks, it transpired that I needed glasses. Up until that point, I thought it was normal.

My mom used to tell me that as a baby I would toddle or crawl around the floor, constantly bumping into things. I clearly didn’t have the best judgement when it came to distance, but at that age, I would have no knowledge of my own bad eyesight. It wasn’t until I was around 8 or 9-years-old that something had to be done, and I remember my first pair of awful prescription specs – which I have never lived down to this day. As bad as my eyesight was though, I wasn’t visually impaired – like little Christian here.

This darling boy’s parents sensed something was wrong very early in Christian’s life, and following a visit to the doctor they discovered he was suffering from impaired vision. It was so bad, they actually detected the issue before he even said his first words! But help is at hand for Christian and his family, and the doc prescribed him his first pair of glasses. These infant-friendly specs in a baby-blue color are so much funkier than my first pair that’s for sure!

The family decided to capture the moment Christian wore his specs for the first time and you won’t see a more touching video today. At first looking extremely confused and more than a little scared, Christian doesn’t like what’s being placed on his face! For a few seconds, the adorable tot isn’t happy at all and is actively showing his displeasure!

Then the moment comes where mom manages to place the glasses on his face – and what a spectacular change it is! His sudden wide eyes and beaming smile lights up the room in what must have been an incredibly emotional moment for mom and dad. What a gift they have given this beautiful baby boy.

Don’t miss this incredible capture in the link below. Christian’s glasses are going to be way cooler than anything I’ve ever worn!