Baby otter falls in love after seeing cow

This pet otter has never seen cows before. His reaction is the cutest thing we’ve seen today.

Captain Aty is a pet otter. His owner takes him on exciting adventures across Japan every day. Today, they are visiting Hokkaido University and making new friends.

It’s so cute to watch Aty eat his fish, take a swim, and get ready for the day. Then it’s off to Hokkaido University and a nap. This otter has so many cute sleeping positions. He flops over onto his back and curls his little hands.

After a snack, they explore the University. Aty spots a small herd of cows. He’s never seen such animals before. His eyes go wide and he watches them, keeping his attention locked on the way they move around.

Captain Aty’s excited chitters are so cute. His owner can’t get enough of the way he watches the cows. We can’t stop watching either.

The otter doesn’t know what to make of these new, large animals. After some more exploring, it’s time for Aty to take another nap. His excitement over the cows must have worn him out.

Baby otter falls in love after seeing cow