Baby Otter Sleeps on Floating Mom’s Tummy is The Most Beautiful Thing You’ll See Today

This beautiful video was taken by Connie Levenhagen while they were out walking at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. She was spending an ordinary day there until she managed to capture with her camera, a video that would touch thousands of hearts around the world.

Many people are animal lovers; people love to hear animal stories, and seeing this video where people can see a sweet mother’s reaction to her little baby otter was absolutely inspiring.

According to a zoo worker, this cute little baby was born in the “Great Tide Pool,” a huge swimming pool located in the Monterey Bay Aquarium where animals spend time. The baby was born on 10/12/15, and from that moment, his mother does not move away from him nor for a single second. She is always looking to take care of him, protect him, and give him all the mom’s love that this little one deserves. And it is clear this baby loves her back.

Her mother is a beautiful wild marine otter from California, and the day the video was taken, she was looking for a shelter in the pool to protect her young baby against other animals. There was also a storm, so she decided to take her baby and take care of it.

The mother otter takes the baby in her arms and places it gently on her tummy as she floats in the pool. The baby feels protected and immediately sleeps peacefully. This sweet mom hugs him, clean him, and you can observe how much she loves her little one! She holds it in her belly until she is able to place it perfectly so the baby can rest and sleep for a long time around her arms. She embraces and kisses him, a situation identical to what a human mother would do to her baby.

It’s amazing to see how this Otter mom shows her love for her little baby. It touched thousands of hearts and became viral in a short time.

Baby Otter Sleeps on Floating Mom\'s Tummy is The Most Beautiful Thing You\'ll See Today