A Baby Rat And A Kitten Napping Together! You Won’t Believe It!

There are plenty of pets that are considered unorthodox and that receive a lot of criticism just because they aren’t the conventional cat & dog. One of these animals, are pet rats. When you think of rats, you probably think about all the diseases that they transmit and the filthy condition in which they live. This is all true information, of the wild street rats that fight every day for survival, however pet rats are different!

Most pet rats come from the same ancestor and have a very social domestic counterpart! Many of them love hanging around their humans be it inside their pockets or riding on their shoulders.  They have very friendly personalities an calm temperament.  Rat owners are just as passionate about their pets as dog or cat owners, they are always happy to spread some rodent love amongst their friends!

Also rats are extremely intelligent animals.  A lot of researchers that work with rats in laboratories, have to teach them very sophisticated behavior, many of them develop a fondness for the animals that are able to reason and apply problem solving skills!

This video features a baby rat siding up to a kitten, single-handedly breaking all the different stereotypes held about rats and cats as natural enemies and rats being exclusively bad animals!

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