Baby Socks Made Into Cupcakes. Making Edible Memories. Feeling Hungry Anyone?

Time tends to fly when you have a new born and soon, before you know it, years have flown by. This is what happened to a mother who realized her babies had grown too big for their clothes. As with children and infants, you end up with a garage full of boxes packed with baby clothes that would not fit your children presently. You don’t feel like throwing them away because of the memories attached. So what do you do?

Well, this YouTuber, Craftastic Passion, came up with an innovative idea to decorate rooms, by making cute dessert ideas for baby showers and more! What a creative idea to reuse and recycle old baby clothes into new products. Out of all the brilliant ideas she created, one of them involved taking baby socks and making them into cupcakes! Yes, you heard me correctly! J

She ended up with many single socks with no signs of the other pair showing up, so the sock cupcake idea was born. You take two different colored socks of the same size and turn them inside out (if you have a beautiful border which you want to be more visible) or you just fold the top over in half. Pull one of the toes to the top so it pops out a bit and voila. You have a slight resemblance to the dessert.

You’re not done yet. Make another one the same way, but instead of pulling out the toe, you pat it down to make it look like a pouch. Place the first ‘cupcake’ inside the second, rearrange it a little and place it inside a cupcake paper cup. Voila – your sock cupcake is ready to be appreciated.

Now, you can’t really eat these, but they do look good enough to eat. Honestly! She has a great many more ideas that simply fascinate me and I know I will be trying some of those ideas out now. How about you? Does this video inspire you to get creative with your baby’s clothes? Do you have any DIY craft projects you would like to share with us? Get in touch and post a message in the comments section below!

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