A Baby Starts Rocking His Carrier In Store. My Heart Was In My Throat At What Happened Next.

Taking your baby out shopping is always an ordeal. You need to remember all kinds of items for your diaper bag, put on the right shoe, put on a jacket if they are going out in the cold. The checklist goes on and on. You’ve got a ton of things going on in your mind – but there is one thing that can make you forget everything: If something happens to your baby while in the store. This parent here was very lucky.

A baby is in his carrier and a parent has put it sideways on a shopping cart. That parent may have their back turned to get something. The baby starts rocking in his carrier… maybe he’s excited about something. Maybe he’s just kicking. Whatever the case, the carrier starts tipping to the side and the baby is about to fall out. An alert Home Depot employee is nearby and instinct seems to make him turn around. He rushes to the cart and grabs the baby before he falls.

It’s a very good thing that the worker was right there to prevent a possible tragedy. His vigilance should be commended. I’m sure that there are plenty of comments going on about how the parent should have been more aware of what was about to happen. To that I say – I’m a parent and I remember when my son was a baby. My head was always on a swivel for potential danger and he still moved way too fast for me at times. Take it easy on the parents.

There is one thing I do have a problem with though… it seems like the baby was not strapped in in his carrier. Maybe being strapped in would have kept the carrier from tipping over. On the other hand, it would have been a bit harder for the employee to grab the carrier, along with the baby, and if the baby fell, having a carrier land on him would have been worse. It’s a nightmare scenario all around.

What a harrowing video. Three cheers for the staff member. He should get kudos for a long time. What did you think? We’d love to hear your opinions on what happened down in the comments section below.

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