A ballerina performs a hauntingly and stunning spider dance you must see to believe!

What do you know about ballet? If you’re an average citizen, not very much. I have seen some ballet performances and I can attest to the fact that each performance is unique. Ballet dancers start their training as soon as they can walk, often as toddlers. Experts say it is the best age because it is when they have more flexibility. Not all the dancers are women, to my surprise, there is an increase in the number of male ballet dancers that enroll in these schools every year.

By performing different stretching exercises, these young dancers can maintain and improve their flexibility. Flexibility is key in ballet as it has movements that can only be done by very flexible people. Top ballet dancers get to reach stardom and perform with various international ballet companies.

But it is not an easy road for them. One of the things that they need to do is keep their weight under a certain limit. This requisite obeys more to a practical reason than an aesthetic one. There are many tumbles and movements that can be done more fluidly when their body has a certain body mass index. This means that their follow a strict diet.

Dieting all year long sometimes can have psychological consequences for the average person, but for the dancers, it’s the only lifestyle they know. They are not depriving their body of any of the nutrients. They are just giving their body what it needs. As all athletes, they also need time to recover from all that strenuous exercise.

The result is a great dancer that can do some of the most difficult moves day in and day out. In my lifetime. I think I have attended probably around 10 ballet performances. I have seen everything from big ballet companies to small ones, but all of them share the respect for this art form and the amazing performance of their dancers. Some of them appear to be very young but can still dance like a seasoned dancer.

Much like the dancer in the next video. When people gathered for this show, they were told that it would be one of those performances that they don’t get to see that often. There was a huge line, so people assumed it was true. When the performance starts, the dancer is looking at the crowd with a look of deep concentration on her face. Then, she positions herself as a spider would on the floor. What follows next is the most astounding ballet performance I have ever seen!