“OMG! Banana Split Without Ice Cream? Heck Ya! You Gotta Try This!!”

This video gives a whole new meaning to banana split altogether and we think it is pretty darn good! It is perfect for any and every occasion and is also a favorite when it comes to kids and adults!

The recipe is amazingly simple and  straightforward. You can enjoy it practically anywhere and it’s prefect for any occasion! After school snack? You bet! Camp fire favorite? Always!  Heck, it’s so healthy, it makes the perfect reward  after you get off that exercise bike!

All you need to have to make the best banana split ever is a banana, some chocolate chips, whatever else you got handy, and you are all set for the ultimate banana-ecstasy. Share the love!

What do you think? Have you tried this yet? Share this recipe with your friends and ask them what they think! https://youtu.be/bTpRUXoe9Tw