Bandit The Bull Had Live Chained All His Life! You Won’t Believe His Reaction When He Is Finally Set Free!

Dogs and other species get plenty of exposure and awareness about the abuses that they receive and the ways that they recover. However farm animals sadly are some of the most affected animals when it comes to abuse. Hens, cows and bulls all go through horrific instances of abuse. Today’s story focuses on the tough life of one such animal.

Meet Bandit, the bull, he has lived his whole life tied to a chain. This bull has never experienced a life of freedom, he doesn’t know what frolicking on the fields and eating grass leisurely means. Fortunately Bandit met his savior! Bandit’s reaction as he was freed was recorded and it’s incredible, I was personally tearing up a little!

Animal abuse is a prevalent issue in our world, and it needs to be addressed, many suffer like Bandit and never obtain relief of any sort, until they die. This is when the animal sanctuary called Gut Aiderbichl comes in, there were the ones behind Bandit’s rescue and they are motivated to make a difference for many more animals!

Please, check out the video below to see Bandit’s complete reaction and ensuing “dance” it is extremely heartrending.

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