Weeeeell doggie! Banjo legend Willow Osborne plays ‘The Ballad of Jed Clampett’

Willow Osborne

Look no further if you are looking for an online tutorial to learn how to play the banjo. This video by Willow Osborne breaks down the basics. Her lesson is straightforward as she teaches more about strings in the first minute of the video than most learn after years of lessons.

The video is set in a simple living room with a window behind Willow. For those that took private music lessons as a younger child, this setup brings back the familiarity of learning new skills. Willow’s teaching abilities are immediately highlighted as she breaks down the banjo into accessible steps for her viewers to work on.

The instrument looks complex. She has a gift of taking away the complications of the banjo and focusing on the basics. Viewers clearly appreciated her approach, with many commenting about what a good teacher she is.

Willow Osborne

Aside from the technicalities she is able to teach her students, the song she picked was also very appreciated. The Ballad of Jed Clampett brings back the memory of a film that remains a classic today. It is probably even more rewarding for her students to be able to replicate a familiar tune that brings a smile to their face.

It’s not common to see banjo performers playing solo in a digital forum and providing lessons for their viewers. While this video is free for viewers, Willow calls out a couple of links in the video description to help support her art. She even had a digital tip jar, a clever play off a popular scene of street performers.

Another uncommon scene is having a younger girl play the banjo proficient enough to teach others. The image that comes to mind when one says banjo is the image of Jed Clampett, so having a modernized version is a welcome change.

Instrumental music is becoming a lost art form. The world does need more talented teachers that can continue to bring their talents to the next generation. Willow is making great strides with her videos and helping viewers bring their musical dreams to life.

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