Beard-Free Willie Nelson Plays ‘Hello Walls’ in This Rare Footage from The Porter Wagoner Show

Willie Nelson is one of the most recognizable musicians of our time. With his long braid and bushy beard, it’s easy to pick out this legend in a crowd. But, like all of us, Nelson has been through his own set of transformations in his time.

When we take a look at the very beginnings of Nelson’s career, we see a very different face in front of the camera. One of his first televised appearances was as an artist on the Porter Wagoner Show, a popular musical variety show featuring gospel and country music.


Nelson is only 32-years-old in this rarely seen video clip, and he looks as fresh-faced as a baby. He sings his debut, “Hello Walls,” at the host’s request. His bubbly, excited personality shines through in each strum of his guitar. It’s a side of Nelson’s personality we don’t often see.

“Hello Walls” put Nelson on the map. After it’s release, he became known all over Nashville for his amazing songwriting skills and talent on the strings. His biggest songwriting success came from writing Patsy Cline’s “Crazy,” a major jukebox hit.

He’s made a name for himself many times over in the country and rock music scenes. There are few names more well-know than good old Willie Nelson, which makes it such a treat to see him at the very beginning of his illustrious career.

Beard-Free Willie Nelson Plays ‘Hello Walls\' in This Rare Footage from The Porter Wagoner Show