The beautiful animal sanctuary takes care of old dogs! My heart is melting!

Animals all need special care when they age, including us humans. The deterioration of both or physical and cognitive abilities are all valid reasons to obtain dignified, loving and patient care. Thankfully there are amazingly kind individuals that come up with organization to provide a place for elder dogs to happily spend the later years.

Sher Polvinale built a heartwarming and loving home for dogs called House With A Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary. The sanctuary is essentially a dog nursing home where hurt and injured dogs can get away. The pups come from several rescue shelters or even from owners who can no longer properly provide the support that the pet needs. The dogs here completely rely on Sher and her team of volunteers to take care of them which includes things like feeding them, getting their medications, and most importantly, giving them the love they deserve.

These volunteers selflessly do whatever it takes to keep these animals healthy and happy! At this Pet Sanctuary respect, peace and care are the main compass in order for the dogs to have a happy life until they pass away. The team honors each dog by creating a wall of their pictures traveling up a staircase.

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