Beautiful Friesian horse and Dartmoor pony are madly in love

The forbidden love between a horse and a pony is precious

Johnny, a Dartmoor pony, and Frieda, a Friesian horse are hanging out. Johnny is inside an enclosure while Frieda is outside sticking her head through the bars. They touch noses when they can.

They sniff each other as much as they can and look at each other with absolute love. There is barely a time where they move apart from one another. They stay close so they can always touch.

While inside his space Johnny tries to impress Frieda by standing on his hind legs showing off his strength. Frieda steps back to get a good look at Johnny, then she moves back closer to him.

He continues to show off by trotting around the space he is in, displaying his muscles and his shiny mane. Frieda appears to be loving the performance and watches with delight.

The forbidden love between a horse and a pony is precious

Apparently, they are kept apart because the love they have is forbidden, they cannot be together because she is a horse and he is a pony.

They are destined to be with different lovers. Frieda is to be paired off with a stud and hopefully, Johnny will find new love.

Frieda snacks on some hay as she watches Johnny who continues to trot around in his space. They may be separated by bars but that won’t stop them from spending time together.

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