This Beautifully-Detailed Russian Wine Kovsh Is More Valuable Than You Might Think!

The Kovsh is a traditional drinking vessel or ladle from Russia. It was oval-shaped like a boat with a single handle and may be shaped like a water bird or a Norse long ship.

Originally the Kovsh made from wood and used to serve and drink mead. Metal Kovsh began to appear around the 14th century, although it also continued to be carved out of wood and was frequently brightly painted in peasant motifs. By the 17th century, the Kovsh was often an ornament rather than a practical vessel, and in the 19th century it was elaborately cast in precious metals for presentation as an official gift of the tsarist government.

The owner of this Russian wine kovsh or wine cup received it from his mother, who got it as a gift from a friend. What a gift it is!

The wine cup is shaded Russian enamel on a silver base. The artist very carefully, in the flowers, shaded the pink to the white.  On The wine Kovsh there are a set of Russian marks.  There are also marks on the handle. The marks on the bottom show that it was made before 1896.

Aside from being beautifully detailed and in great condition, this piece dates back to the mid-19th century. It was made by Pavel Akimovich Ovchinnikov. He was a Russian silversmith and enameller. Ovchinnikov was one of Faberge’s competitors, and his name on this piece is a big deal.

In a retail setting, the owner of the Russian wine cup made by Pavel Ovchinnikov would be $18,000.

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