“See 100 Years of Beauty Trends Flash Before Your Eyes In 1 Minute!”

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Now with a beauty revolution on the rise, this video shows all the beauty trends seen in Italy within the last hundred years!

It starts out in the 1910’s and goes all the way up to today’s hair and makeup trends. Though the model is already super gorgeous, seeing her all done up representing every decade is flawless.

There has been so much buzz about what truly defines beauty. This video proves that the idea of beauty has been redefined and recreated countless of times and will continue to do so!

No one knows what beauty trends we will go through over the next hundred years. But getting to see what represents beauty in cultures from all around the world makes us nostalgic for every crazy and classic fad that we’ve dared to try. https://youtu.be/MWX5793xu58 What do you think about the most recent addition to “100 Years of Beauty?” Tell us what your favorite decade was!