Behold the World’s Smallest Camper Van

The world of van life extends beyond larger vehicles like vans and buses. In the realm of bike-packing and van life, a charming gray area exists where ingenious RVs thrive. One example is the Lambretta Tuk Tuk Camper—a vintage Lambretta three-wheel scooter transformed into a stunning camper.

Surprisingly, there is a growing popularity for Tuk Tuk campers, bike trailers, and various builds attached to small-engine scooters or bicycles. These unconventional vehicles have proven their capability as RVs and have even been put to the test. Recently, George Clarke, known for his work on Channel 4, visited David Motley, a beautiful and compact camper designer.

David and his wife run Hide and Stitch, a custom leather furniture business. The couple poured six months and £12,000 of their own money into this project. The work began by combining a 1960 Lambretta Li 175 Series 2 scooter and a 1969 Lambretta box as the foundation. Unfortunately, these rusty parts had to be stripped to their core before the build could commence.

By welding the scooter and box together and removing the dividing wall, David created additional interior space, allowing a fully grown adult to lie comfortably. The transformed interior features a cozy lounge-like area with a snug bed for himself and his family, storage cupboards, cup holders, curtains, and leather side panels. In addition, the two-person bench at the front served as a bed extension in camp mode.

Underneath the bed, a kitchen drawer was ingeniously integrated. With the press of a button, the drawer revealed a tiny sink and a one-burner gas stove. Custom glass containers holding washing liquid, sugar, coffee, and tea were neatly stored in the cupboards. Again, David’s meticulous attention to detail is evident, as even the color of the container caps didn’t escape his consideration.

The Lambretta model used in this camper featured a single-cylinder, two-stroke air-cooled engine that provided 7 HP and a top speed of 36 mph (58 kph) when fully loaded. The flatbed version had a maximum payload of 882 pounds (400 kg). The Guinness Book considers whether this exquisite camper qualifies as the world’s most miniature.

Undeterred by its size, David plans to embark on camping adventures with his boys in this fantastic creation. His passion and dedication have resulted in a camper that captures attention and encapsulates the spirit of van life in a uniquely compact form.

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Behold the World\'s Smallest Camper Van