This is the best 70’s-Christmas-Songs list you will ever listen to!

People say Christmas does not feel the same now than it used to do. For many people who lived their childhood and teenage years in the 70s, there was no better time to be a kid and be growing up. We did not have all the gadgets we have now, and we were not so dependent on them. Kids would be kids and they would use their imagination to play and live new adventures every day. The parents were the closest thing to an idol for kids and they all wanted to be like their old man or mother.

The smell of Christmas filled the air and everyone’s home was like a sanctuary to the holidays. Mistletoes, the smell of pine cones and the cool temperatures reminded everyone that the time for celebration and opening presents was here. Children everywhere gathered in shopping spaces to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him that they had behaved very well and wanted the toy doll, train set or any other simple-looking toy that was trending at the time. Do you miss those years? I sure do. It was a time when Christmas was magical. It still is in a sense, but nothing like in those days.

What were your favorite songs at the time? I’ve had a very hard time trying to get those songs on the original vinyls. I know what you’re thinking, do you still listen to those? Why not download them from any online music store and save them on your device? Well, call me old-fashioned but this is something that I still like to do. Listening to music in the old vinyls still takes me back.

I can say finding a couple of those old LPs has proven to be a very difficult but rewarding task. Unfortunately, that’s all I have been able to find. You see, back in the day, those LPs were not meant to really last for ages. And to be honest, most of us were not really thinking about saving any of them. We all wanted to grow up as fast as we could, and see what the future had in store for us.

Listening to these songs still brings a little bit of nostalgia. It’s not that I don’t like it now, believe me, I do. I just miss those days where I would listen to these songs sitting by the fireplace, surrounded by everyone I love.

The following songs comprise a part of me that I thought I had left behind, but that still comes back every year to remind me I’m the still the kid I used to be back in the day. Though listening to them won’t make me any younger, it still keeps my spirit young, and I’m sure it will do the same for you!