Betty White’s funniest ‘Golden Girls’ moments as Rose Nylund

Hands down, her most iconic role, Rose Nylund, as played by Betty White on ‘The Golden Girls,’ is just one of those characters that America could never forget.

Betty White

Betty White was indeed a unique treasure with quick comebacks, witty humor, and jaw-dropping jokes. A charming personality to match—Betty White always brought smiles to our faces.

Responding “It’s me, Blanch!” when asked who’s at the door, while Rose Nylund Aka Betty White stares through the peephole is just one of those classic ‘Golden Girls’ moments that we love.

Golden Girls

Whether she’s attempting to explain herself or telling a story about an exploding pig—Rose Nylund was full of stories and witty humor that kept America cracking up for years.

All part of her witty personality and sometimes raunchy humor, Betty White had a unique way of making us all laugh. It’s not often that you see someone in their senior years cracking the kinds of jokes that Betty did.

Betty White

Everyone loves a good St. Olaf story, and this recap has a few of them. Rose’s reflection on her hometown in Minnesota always brought a smile to viewers’ faces.

After going on a hilarious St. Olaf rant, Rose Nylund is quickly asked, “what is 8 X 6?” where she becomes virtually frozen, as she doesn’t know the answer. It’s moments like these that make us truly appreciate Betty White.

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Betty White\'s funniest \'Golden Girls\' moments as Rose Nylund