Betty White’s ‘Rose’ dances and wrestles her way to awards on ‘Golden Girls’

Betty White

Few characters in sitcom history resonate with viewers like Betty White’s ‘Rose’ from ‘The Golden Girls.’ She is naive and innocent, and Betty plays the part to perfection. This episode gives us memories of Rose’s glorious moments. She is celebrated as St. Olaf’s Woman of the Year, a fantastic dancer, and the perennial loser of the volunteer vanguard award.

Betty White

Rose was nominated for St. Olaf’s Woman of the Year. She says excitedly, ‘I don’t even care if I win. Just the fact that I was nominated is enough.’ Blanche tells her that’s a good attitude to have. Then Rose says, ‘That’s a crock of bull. I want it bad!’ The St. Olaf’s Woman Of The Year committee visits to tell her she’s won.

The next day they drive to the ceremony. The other girls tell Rose that they doctored up her application with extra achievements. Rose gets sad because she knows the ladies wrote lies about her and tells the driver to stop. She doesn’t go to receive the award. Rose walks into the house the next day and forgives the girls because she realizes they just wanted to help.

Rose ended up winning after all because the other lady was disqualified for having a skeleton in her closet. The joke is literal because it was her dead husband in her closet!

Golden Girls

In the dance marathon episode, Rose battles Dorothy and Blanche. She tells them, ‘When I was younger, I was known as the dancing fool!’ Dorothy quips, ‘How old were you when they dropped the ‘dancing’ part?’

After 7 hours, Dorothy asks the maestro to play something with ‘Octane.’ The band plays Glenn Miller’s ‘In the Mood,’ and the girls dance solo, with Rose being the last. She does some amazing tap dancing, followed by gymnastics, and ends with a split!

Betty White

In another episode, Rose is excited about winning the Volunteer Vanguard award. Agnes, the woman she always lost to the past 7 years, has passed away. When Rose gets to the ceremony, Agnes is still given the award. Rose jumps up exasperated, saying, ‘She doesn’t need that on her mantle! She’s on her mantle!’ Rose wrestles with Sophia to get the award, and the audience roars with laughter.

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