Birth announcement: Adorable baby “aye-aye” beats the odds after being born underweight

They say that miracles happen. This one in particular is living proof of why veterinarians and animal lovers deserve more than just a ‘thank you’.

This baby aye-aye was born at the Duke Lemur Center and was said to be underweight. One of the staff veterinarians took it upon themselves to take care of the little guy to ensure he was at a healthier weight.

In fact, Cathy Williams taught the baby how to nurse from his mother. However, she managed to bottle feed the aye-aye every two hours to ensure that it was getting the right kind of nutrition.

These small little lemurs are indigenous to Madagascar. And this aye-aye, in particular, is one of the first to be born in captivity.

They were in captivity as part of a study on how the aye-aye lives in the wild. Researchers were even impressed by how these nocturnal creatures eat.

But for this one baby, he is going to live out his life as a healthy aye-aye. This was a miracle that was definitely in the making from day one.


Birth announcement: Adorable baby \