Blake Shelton Performs Moving Tribute To Late Brother, Richie, With Song “Over You”

Blake Shelton is known for his cheery attitude, his constant jokes, and overall sunny disposition. We so often see him horsing around, having a good time. But the funny man of country has a serious side, too.

Anytime Shelton performs the heart wrenching song “Over You”, it is guaranteed to be a somber and deeply emotional moment.

Shelton wrote the song with his former wife, Miranda Lambert, in honor of his brother Richie, who died in a car accident when he was only 24 years old. Shelton decided not to record the song, though he did play it for fans at a 2014 concert in Phoenix, Arizona.

Lambert, however, chose to record and release her own version of the song. It became the second single from her 2012 album For The Record, and was received with great acclaim. An overnight hit, the single topped the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart, and earned both Shelton and Lambert Song of the Years Awards from CMA and ACM.

While Shelton may never release his own version of “Over You”, we are lucky enough to have a recording from his 2012 show in Phoenix.

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