Blind Golden Retriever Becomes Friends With A Pig Who Was Rescued From Certain Death

Sometimes you come across a story so genuinely amazing that you can’t help but pass the message on. There are many videos of beautiful interspecies friendship, however this blind Golden retriever and this rescued pig will definitely melt your heart. Both were saved from extraordinary circumstances and they formed a strong bond afterwards. This is truly the sort of story can be incredibly motivational.

This is the story of Henry, the pig who was destined to die before the people from BrightSide Farm Sanctuary came to the rescue. Henry was rescued from a factory farm when he was only a few days old. He was weak and cold and would have otherwise died. He was born in a crate. His poor sad mother was unable to move around let alone take care of him because she also was not cared for properly.

Henry now has a new home along with over 250 animals who have also been saved and rescued over the years. Henry was one of the lucky ones who got saved. Sadly, he lost his mother, but a blind Golden retriever decided to be Henry’s guardian angel and adopted him without even thinking twice! This dog doesn’t care that Henry doesn’t look like him. Thanks to the great work at BrightSide Farm Sanctuary, these two can remain friends for a long time.

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