‘Bonanza’ theme song sung by Johnny Cash and Lorne Greene

Johnny Cash and Lorne Greene

With 14 seasons and a grand total of 431, it’s no surprise Bonanza is such a well-known show. This American Western aired on NBC from 1959 to 1973, and you can still watch re-runs today.

Johnny Cash

Many people have watched this show throughout the years. As such, the theme song is instantly recognizable by anyone who’s ever watched Bonanza. However, like most things that become popular, there’s more than just one version of the theme song!

This video features two of the most well-known versions: a rendition by Johnny Cash and the Lorne Green version. Before the music starts, text scrolls across the screen, providing viewers with some background information.

Lorne Greene

After mentioning the two versions that will be heard, the text explains and credits the photos in the slideshow. It even lets you know where the first season’s opening was filmed, so you can look it up on Google Maps.

Once the music begins, we’re treated to a variety of photos (in both B&W and color). The slideshow includes many different pictures of the cast, as well as the famous Bonanza map.

Johnny Cash

It’s interesting to hear the differences between the Johnny Cash and Lorne Green versions of Bonanza. Cash’s version has more of a “Western” feel, whereas Green’s performance is significantly more upbeat.

While most people may be used to hearing the song without lyrics, comparing the two performances while enjoying some classic photos is nonetheless entertaining. If you’ve been hoping for a way to stir up some nostalgia, this enjoyable video is sure to deliver!

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‘Bonanza’ theme song sung by Johnny Cash and Lorne Greene