After Being Born With Health Issues, This Adorable Dwarf Horse AMAZINGLY Pulls Through!

Back in the year of 2011, the world received one of the cutest and most amazing gifts that has ever set foot on it. Roozer Brewz, also known as “Roo”, came into this world on that day. He’s a very small miniature horse, born at just 19 inches in size. Unfortunately, the poor horse was born with several birth defects and health problems. He had weak tendons and deformities on each one of his legs, which made it very difficult for him to stand up and walk. For horses, standing up is essential for living, given that they are used to being standing for most of the day.

Because of his condition, his mother couldn’t nurse and take care of Roo as much as she wanted to, so his adoptive human parents and friends had to step in to make sure he grew to be a healthy and fulfilled horse. The veterinary doctors that attended him recommended putting him to sleep, to save him the suffering of not being able to stand up and live normally. His owner Christine, however, knew that his nursing and eventual recovery were possible, but hard. In the clip below, we can see their efforts to help him train and little by little gain more strength and independence.

Watch this touching story in the video right below!

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