Brave 15-Year-Old Conquers Chemo So Her Neighbors Put On A “Victory Parade” To Celebrate

During the novel coronavirus, where families are forced to stay at home to fight an unseen enemy, it’s sometimes hard to remember that there are still people in the world fighting completely unrelated illnesses, like this teen going through the trials of chemotherapy for her Ewing sarcoma diagnosis.

As a 15-year-old battling cancer, it can seem tough to stay positive, especially when it feels like you’re completely alone in your struggle. But luckily for Coco, her entire neighborhood has her back, even while safely social-distancing.

After completing her last round of chemo treatment earlier this month, Coco Johnson returned home to what she assumed would be another boring day stuck at home. But, as her mom inched the family car down their block, they found a whole street of revelers waiting for them.

Decked out with signs, streamers, and balloons in a self-dubbed “victory parade,” Coco’s friends and supporters showed up to prove that not even a pandemic can stop them from championing her victory over cancer. And we can’t help but think it’s moments like this that prove we’ll defeat this crisis, just like Coco triumphed over cancer.