Bride Is Acting Crazy On Her Wedding Day. Then, the Doctor Makes A Shocking Discovery On Her Head

It is completely normal to have second thoughts or even be a little nervous before the wedding. This can be something that puts the bride’s family on edge, not to mention the groom himself. Kelly was about to take this to a completely new level. She has been acting very strange on this day. It is supposed to be a day of joy and happiness. Maybe a little bit of stage-fright as well?

She started complaining about some headache and even hallucinations. This goes way beyond what a nervous person with experience. Kelly’s mother thinks it’s best to take her to the doctor so she can be referred to a specialist. Initially, Kelly doesn’t think much about it until her symptoms start to become more serious throughout the day. By this time, her father is also very concerned. He thinks that his daughter might be having second thoughts. He even suggests canceling the wedding if she doesn’t feel completely sure about it.

Kelly keeps complaining that neither one of her parents understands her. It is not that she’s having second thoughts. She is sure there is something that is wrong with her head. It is getting more painful and more serious every second. As the wedding ceremony starts to get closer, Kelly agrees to visit a doctor. Immediately upon arriving, Kelly’s mother tells the doctor he needs to refer Kelly to a psychiatrist. If Kelly’s experiencing hallucinations and says there is something her head, she must be having some sort of nervous breakdown.

The doctor thinks that her symptoms are not normal for a psychiatric problem. He will not be sure of this until he gets a chance to examine her. Unfortunately, Kelly’s mother doesn’t want to lose time in an examination. She just wants her to be seen by a specialist. Kelly’s father thinks that a doctor’s examination cannot hurt and convinces his wife to agree to the examination.

The doctor examines Kelly and thinks there is something in her head. The doctor tells the parents who are also there that he will need to take a closer look. Upon examining her he sees something moving in Kelly’s scalp. The doctor then asks one of the nurses to bring him and needle and a special tray. The doctor tells Kelly not to move.

Because he’s working with a needle, any sudden movement can lead to an injury. Kelly’s parents are getting even more nervous. What could possibly be in their daughter’s head? Is it something she ate? They anxiously wait for the doctor to tell them what’s going on. The doctor carefully maneuvers the needle and takes out something most doctors do not see in their whole medical career. Fortunately, this doctor had seen this same problem before. Watch the video to see the shocking finding!