Bride and her brothers give epic surprise wedding dance.

Bride and her brothers dancing

Just when you thought the wedding dance to watch for was with the bride and her father or between the bride and groom, this bride blows her guests away with a dance accompanied by her brothers.

Bride and her brothers dancing

With a wedding reception set in the stunning Sangaste Castle in Estonia, it would be unusual not to film some sort of epic dance number to grace its halls.

This blushing bride pulls off a stunningly choreographed dance flanked by her two loving brothers, surprising not only her guests but her parents as well. What a fantastic gift that must have been!


While Portugal The Man’s “Feel It Still” plays, she breaks it down with brother number one. They flit between fun shimmies and shakes and more formally structured ballroom-style dancing.

As the song breaks over the bridge, brother number two jumps into the mix. The three siblings bring down the house with their epic performance giving their guests something to remember.

Bride and her brothers dancing

Closing out the number with a round of high fives, the bride and brothers trio are escorted from the dancefloor by vigorous applause. What a sweet way to celebrate their sister’s wedding!

We’ll be keeping our eye out for another epic performance for whenever the bride’s younger brother gets to play groom in the future. Maybe he’ll book a castle to dance in too!

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