Brides Sister Gives Hilarious Maid of Honor Speech During Wedding

If you’ve ever been to a wedding, you’ve likely heard a myriad of speeches given by the newlyweds family and friends. One bride’s sister gives a hilarious speech that quickly brings the attendees and the wedding party to tears.

It’s safe to say that most people aren’t a fan of giving speeches. It takes a lot of preparation, and you have to speak in front of a large crowd. This didn’t stop Mel from giving a humorous speech during her sister Heidi’s wedding.

In her basil green Maid of Honor dress, Mel starts off with a smart comment that got people to laugh. She said, “Well, I’m glad I had a bunch of Johnny Walker Blue before I came here so I can be prepared for this.”

She continues to speak with a few sarcastic punch lines here and there. At one point, she said, “My mom told me two things: Don’t burp and don’t curse. Well, mom, you get one thing. I’m not gonna’ burp.” Before you know it, she quickly turns it all to a heartwarming tone that will have you in tears.