He brings an old Rolex to an appraiser but is shocked when told of the price!

Wearing watches has been much more than a fashion statement. It is said that for a true gentleman, the three things he must pay close attention to, are to have a great pair of shoes, a great pen, and a great watch. Watches are more than just timepieces. They are status symbols and accessories that express the wearer’s personality.

Growing up, I was a big watch-buff. I didn’t get fancy watches of course, but I had a lot of electronic ones. I remember saving money to get a calculator watch from Casio. Those watches were must-haves for children back in the day. In fact, they still sell well today. What I loved about those watches is that they had everything a kid could be curious about, plus the fact that you could do calculations was pretty cool as well.

Another watch that I had back then was a watch that featured a radio. It was quite a novelty at the time. The watch came with earphones and a tiny antenna. I would use this watch mostly at night to listen to my favorite radio stations. All my friends thought that this watch was the coolest ever. OK, I admit I was a little nerdy myself, too.

I grew up and as soon as I started working, I got a Citizen Eco-Drive. This watch was advertised as the only watch you would never need to change the battery for. It was a very nice watch that’s still made to this day. After that watch, I’ve owned a few more, mostly cheap watches. Besides, currently and age, we are all carrying cell phones anyway, and they have a watch as well.

I haven’t had any fancy expensive watches but if I were ever to get one, it would probably be a Rolex. Watches have gotten fancier over the course of the years, and even though there are many expensive or luxury watches out there, Rolex remains the king of luxury watches, at least in my book. Not surprisingly, it is still the watch brand of choice by many famous celebrities.

The man in the following video decided to follow his sergeant’s advice when he was deployed in Germany and got a Rolex watch. Rolex watches have always been expensive timepieces, so the watch he got was more than one month of the man’s salary at the time. He came back home and has been using it since. Just to give you some reference, this purchase took place around 1961. The man recently went to see an appraiser and was left speechless when he was told how much it was worth today.