Brooklyn Duo’s breathtaking cover of ‘The Scientist’ by Coldplay

While on a family visit in Vancouver, Canada, Brooklyn Duo decided to stop at the famous Armoury Studios and record a cover of the Coldplay song that put them on the map of pop music.

Brooklyn Duo is known for its uplifting takes on many of the most known hit songs in the world of pop music. Its elegant expressions make for a fresh outlook on many of them.

When on a family visit in Vancouver, Canada, the opportunity came about for the Brooklyn Duo to record in the famous Armoury Studios’ Live Room. A setting in which many of the legendary artists recorded before them.

The great and inspiring setting prompted an even greater song. Brooklyn Duo chooses one of their personal favorites, ‘The Scientist’ by Coldplay.

With its prolific piano accompaniment that every professional and amateur pianist of the 2000s knew outright and a lyrical melody, this piece is a perfect contender.

Pianist Marine Laird took a particular interest in the accompaniment and expanded it to compensate for the lack of a complete rhythm section.

Cellist Patrick Laird made the melody his own through the emotion-evoking capabilities of the cello. He manages to capture the voice of Coldplay’s singer Chris Martin perfectly.

Brooklyn Duo certainly has a knack for genuine and heartfelt interpretations, all while maintaining an incredibly high standard of technical performance.

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